Saturday, March 28, 2009

Quaker Oatmeal

Speaking of plastics...

I love instant oatmeal. Since I was a kid, I have devoured the stuff like it was going out of style! But a couple of months ago we bought some Quaker Instant Oatmeal and found that they now package it in individual plastic bags...what?!

Remember when Quaker Instant Oatmeal came in paper packages? The packages you could rattle together to make sure the contents was all at the bottom before you tore into'em, so the oatmeal didn't go everywhere. Remember the paper crinkling when you poured that flaky goodness out of the package and into a bowl? Well, things have changed.

Now, Quaker is packaging their individual packets of instant oatmeal in plastic. Why?! Quaker went from being recyclable to adding to the "plastic soup" that will eventually encompass our planet!

And do you know what Quaker did when I emailed them about my dismay in their choice of packaging? They sent me a coupon for more. Really?!

My email basically said I would not purchase anymore of their product until they went back to the paper packaging... So they sent me a coupon for more of the stuff I had just told them I would not buy.

This month's "Write Us with Your Concerns But We're Not Actually Reading/Listening" Award goes to Quaker.

We are now lifetime non-purchasers of Quaker products.

Recycle your world or die.

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  1. grrrr this makes me mad!! I love instant oatmeal! It's one of the cheapest backpacking/ trail foods around. BOO QUAKER!